FAQs on divorce


Nobody in this world gets married to get divorced. It is obvious that if you are considering to take divorce from your spouse then there should be some real serious reasons behind it. Whatever be the reasons, our advice is that you try to sort out this matter as per mutual understanding and divorce should be the last option available for you.

However, if every effort of reconciliation fails and you are considering to take a divorce then you might have some questions in your mind. The first question that everybody has is the procedure involved in the process of divorce. If you want to get a divorce, you have to get it in a legal way. Even if you are not living together for quite some time or even if you are financially independent of each other or whatever be the situation, there is a legal way to get separated and unless and until it is certified and approved by Court, you will not be legally divorced.


For this, you have to consult a lawyer who deals in family law and present your case before him or her. He will look into the matter and advice you in a step-by-step way, in which you can get a divorce.

Another important question that people have in mind is how will the property and the other financial matters be sorted out. The most important question about divorce is that if you have a child or more, how are they going to live and who will take their responsibility.

These are very complex questions in cannot be answered right away. Our advice is that you hire a lawyer and consult your case with him. Present all the aspects honestly and sincerely before him or her and he will be able to advise you properly in this matter.

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